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    Potable Water Treatment


ZG D870B boron removing resin


"Hydrolite" brand ZG D870B is a sort of anion exchange resin which has co ordinational amino in styrene copolymer with macroporous structure. This kind of chemical structure is easy for boron in water to form stable complex compound, therefore to reduce borate in water solution. It is mainly apply to remove boron in potable water and irrigation water with large exchange capacity and fast exchange speed. After treatment, it could reach to the National Drinking Water Standard which is less than 0.5mg/L.


Physical and chemical properties of ZG D870B

Index Name



Milky white to beige opaque beads

Ionic form


Exchange capacity based on volume  mmol/ml


Moisture content            %


Particle size range          mm


Boron adsorbent capacity

(calculate by boric acid)     g/L


Temperature               ℃


Operation flow rate         m/h


Whole beads               %

≥ 95.0