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    Potable Water Treatment


ZG D891 resin to remove Perchlorate


Percholorate is a persistent toxic chemical substance; exist as forms of NH4ClO4, KClO4, and NaClO4. The main affect of percholorate is restraining thyroid to adsorb iodines and lead to the decrease of thyroid hormone secretion, then affect physical development especially brain development. Excessive uptake percholorate will lead to the shortage of thyroid hormone secretion; furthermore, restrain metabolism and growth of human body especially to children’s.

Due to non volatilization of perchlorate and its high solubility in water, perchlorate cannot removed by normal ways like filtrating and precipitating; use ion exchange is the best way to remove.

ZG D891is a sort of anion exchange resin which has quaternary ammonium group [-N(CH3)3OH] in the styrene-diethylene benzene copolymer with macroporous structure. It is used especially to remove perchloric acid and purify water supply and drinking water, the selectivity to perchloric acid is excellent.


Physical and Chemical Properties of “Hydrolite” ZG D891:

Index Name


Ionic form


Moisture content              %


Exchange capacity based on weight  mmol/g

≥ 3.00

Perchlorate adsorbent capacity   g/L


Particle size range              %