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    Potable Water Treatment


ZG FS 821 Arsenic and Fluorine Removing Resin


ZG FS 821is a special resin with gel structure. It is a macromolecule copolymer with activate rare earth elements on its styrene-DVB matrix. This kind of chemical structure is easy for fluorine, arsenic in water to form stable complex compound, thereby to reduce fluorine and arsenic density in water, in the end reach to the National Drinking Water Standard: arsenic less than 10mcg/L, fluorine less than 1 mg/L. It could also apply to recovery arsenic and fluorine in industrial waste water.

ZG FS 821 has comparatively higher adsorbent capacity and faster adsorbent speed to fluorine and arsenic. It could reduce arsenic and fluorine in solution efficiently, and reach to the safety standard. Moreover, it could use NaOH as eluent media to wash, and then use 5-10% sulfuric acid to adjust pH range to 4-6, thus the resin could be used again to adsorb elements after regenerate.


Physical and Chemical Properties:

Index name




White to light yellow beads

Ionic from


Moisture content        %


Adsorbentcapacity    g/L-R


Particle size range       %

(0.315~1.25mm)  ≥95.0


Whole beads            %


Operating pH


Application temperature   ℃


Temperature limited      ℃


Flow rate             BV/h



Insoluble in water, acid, alkali solution