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    Potable Water Treatment


ZG D890 macroporous strongly basic styrene anion exchange resin


1. Product introduction

The "Hydrolite" brand ZG D890 is a sort of anion exchange resin which has quaternary ammonium group [-N(CH3)3OH] in the styrene-diethylene benzene copolymer with macroporous structure. This product is used mainly to remove nitrate and nitrite in the water supply and drinking water, it has good selectivity to nitrate; it can be also used in sugar making industry, the strongly basic exchange group and macroporous structure are helpful to the absorption of pigment and impurity in sugar solution.

2. Physical and chemical characteristic index

Index name



Creamy white to straw yellow opaque spherical grain

On sale form


Water retention capacity %


Quality total exchange capacity mmol/g

≥2. 90

Bulk density g/ml


True density g/ml


Particle size range


Spherical after osmosis attrition %