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    Uniform Particle Size Resins


ZGC 650 Uniform Size Macroporous strongly acidic cation ion exchange resin


1. Description:

"Hydorlite" ZGC 650 is a high quality Macroporous type uniform size strongly acidic cation resin, with extreme physical stability and anti-osmotic property. It also has very good dynamics ability because of it's uniform size range. It could remove the iron.
ZGC 650 worked with ZGA 550 (anion resin), widely used in the power plant and nuclear power plant for it's high flow rate mixed bed system. It could be operated easily because of it's own characters.

2. Typical physical and chemical properties:





Function group

Sulfonic Group

Ionic form

H form

Moisture content %


Total exchange capacity mmol/ml


Shipping weight g/ml


Average particle size μm


Uniformity Coefficient


Conversion To Ionic Form H+ %